Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Visit to the ER

Just moments before we were about to walk out of the house and leave the boys with Paw-Paw and Kay-Kay for the night, Joshua Stephen announced that he was thirsty. He then made his way over to the water cooler at Kay-Kay's house, which is his usual custom when he gets thirsty. Then the unthinkable happened, just moments later we heard screaming. We rushed over to find the water cooler tipped over and our precious little boy with burns all over his neck and back. It seems that Joshua Stephen made the water cooler tip over when he tried to climb up and reach a little cup that was located on top of it. When the cooler tipped over, the hot water button some how got pushed and released scalding water all over his neck and back.

It was a very traumatic event. Joshua Stephen was crying and screaming hysterically- he was inconsolable. And at that point we had no idea what had happened, we just knew he was hurt. Moments later we realized he had burns, so we wrapped our screaming little boy up in cold wash cloths and rushed to the emergency room. He had to sit in the back seat on Mom's lap because we were worried that the carseat straps might hurt his burns.

The first emergency room that we stopped at told us it would be 45 minutes before we could see a nurse, and possible 2 to 3 hours longer to see the doctor. So we quickly rushed to another ER (thankfully Dallas has lots of big hospitals) and we were able to be seen by a nurse immediately. We were told that Joshua Stephen had second degree burns and that he would need to be seen by a doctor. So off to the waiting room we went to wait for our turn to see the doctor.
By the time we arrived at the second hospital, Joshua Stephen had calmed down quite a bit and he had returned to more of his normal self. Here he is passing time in the waiting room while we waited to be seen by the doctor. (Don't you love the creative way we kept a cool wash cloth on his burn- hair clips really come in handy.)
Paw-Paw Kenny and Kay-Kay were so worried about their little boy. Paw-Paw came to the hospital to wait with us. While our sweet Kay-Kay stayed home to watch Caleb, but was worried sick the whole time.
We finally left the hospital with bandages and some ointment to apply to his second degree burns. Joshua Stephen was a trooper through it all, and after that night in the ER never once complained about his burns hurting him. We had to treat the burns and keep them covered for two weeks, (and let me just tell you that the neck is a hard place to keep covered). Our biggest fear was that our precious little boy would have permanent scars. But amazingly, two moths later I am happy to report that you can't even see where he was burned (unless he gets really hot- then the area turns bright red). So praise the Lord for healing our Joshua Stephen and for bringing us safely through our first ER experience. (Hopefully it will be our last.)

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