Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dallas Zoo

While we were in Texas, Kay-Kay and Paw-Paw Kenny treated us to a trip to the Dallas Zoo.
Here's a few of my favorite pictures.
Caleb riding on an elephant- with the help of his Kay-Kay of course.
Joshua Stephen checking out the penguins.
Observing some wildlife with Paw-Paw Kenny.

Trying to stay cool with the elephant fountain.
Joshua Stephen pointing out all of the animals to Little Brother.
Joshua Stephen wants a closer look at the monkeys.
Going for a ride on our new turtle friend.
Just hanging out with Paw-Paw Kenny.
Joshua Stephen with his new alligator friend.
Saying Hello to a friendly penguin.
Passing the time while waiting in line.
Now that's one tall giraffe.
Going for a tram ride.
Too tired to walk after our fun day at the zoo. Thanks for the lift Paw-Paw Kenny.

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