Monday, July 14, 2008

Let the celebration begin

To start off Caleb's Birthday we took him to a fun pizza place where we could play games and Par-tay.
Here he is with his first Birthday hat. He liked it so much we had to get two.
The adorable Birthday boy!
Our Sweet cousin Tara joined us for all of the birthday fun.
(Joshua Stephen looks super excited in this photo, but despite his appearance he had a great time celebrating with his little brother.)
The boys on the miniature marry go round. This was Caleb's favorite ride.

Playing skee ball (or rather throwing the very hard balls).
Big brother is so sweet to let Caleb drive for his Birthday.
Let's see what this game does.
Caleb trying his hand (literally) at Whac a Mole.
He decided he was better off without the heavy mallet.

I just love these two pictures. Here's Caleb picking on Big Brother.
(Notice Sweet Little Tara just observing it all.)
And Big Brother showing him what it feels like.
And at the end of the day, Caleb got to take home a prize to help commemorate his Birthday.

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