Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're having a...... GIRL!!!!

Well, it's official we're having a Baby GIRL!!! We are super excited, but we were a little shocked when we found out. After having two boys we kind of got used to the idea of boys and wondered if having a girl was even a possibility for us. But it looks like God has a precious Baby girl in store for us. I am now 21 weeks pregnant, so we are looking forward to meeting this precious little lady some time in early June.

One fun note is that for a while now Joshua Stephen has been saying that he wants a "Girl Baby" since he already got a "Boy Baby" with Caleb- he decided he wanted one of each. Shortly after the sonogram lady told us it was girl, Joshua Stephen said "See Mom, I told you it was a girl baby". So for now we are getting into girl mode and loving every minute of it. I can assure you that our sweet little girl will probably have a double name and that she we will be adorned with pink, toile, bows and lots of monograms. I can't wait!
One of our first pictures of our precious baby GIRL!

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