Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Boy Underpants

Guess who's wearing Big Boy underpants.

That's right none other than our Big Boy Caleb Drue.
We are so proud of him!!!

We started about a week ago and Caleb has been doing such a great job!

(I just want to know what happened to my baby? It seems like all of my Little People are growing up. All I have left is my Sweet Little Mary Beth and even she is starting to get big. Before I know it they'll all be going off to college. Sometimes I just wish I could press Pause so I could keep em' little. Where did all my chubby little cheeks go?)

Big Brother is super proud of Caleb, and he is especially excited because he too gets a reward every time Caleb makes potty.

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Potty Rewards

Caleb is really in to Buzz Light Year and Toy Story right now. So we decided to use Buzz to motivate Caleb to get started with his potty training. Caleb pooped in the potty 5 times to earn this super cool Buzz Light Year.
Big Brother even made him a chart to help him celebrate his Big accomplishment. Joshua Stephen drew a different Toy Story character on his potty chart every day that Caleb pooped in the potty.
And of course potty training wouldn't be complete without some Buzz Light year underware.
(What can I say- we are not above bribery in the Bean household.)

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