Friday, February 22, 2008

What you talkin' bout?

Here's Caleb showing off his rough and tough side.
We think he would sound something like Mr. T if he could talk right now.
Who would ever think this little angel could act so tough?
He's very unassuming.

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Play Time

It is always so fun to see the boys playing together. The other day I walked into Joshua Stephen's room to find just that.

Joshua Stephen is always so good at sharing his toys with Little Brother. He loves to teach him new things.

Having fun with the farm.

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Who's afraid of a bear???

After careful examination, Joshua Stephen decided he's not afraid of this big bad bear.

"I could take him", said Joshua Stephen.
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Learning to stand

Dawson always loves to get down on the floor and play with his boys. Here are some pictures of him having fun with Little Caleb.

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Caleb getting around

Caleb is still working on learning to crawl, so for now he just rolls to get to where he wants to go. Here are some pictures of him in action. (Please note that he started out on his play mat on the carpet, but he decided that the bar stools is where all the action was.)
Looks like I am ready to crawl,
but then I get tired so I roll over to take a break,
and then I play dead (to make Mom smile of course).
I sure am a happy little guy!!!

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My Baby Orangutan

Last week when we were at the zoo, Joshua Stephen saw a baby orangutan playing peek-a-boo with a blanket. J.S. has always loved to play with the covers on our bed, and now he loves to climb up in our bed and call out "I'm a baby orangutan, come and find me". While I am looking for him, he likes to call me Mama Orangutan and grunt and giggle. One things for sure, my little orangutan is a lot of Fun!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two things I love

Two of the things I love (in addition to my precious boys) are:
1) Smocked clothing
2) Dressing my boys in matching outfits
I think both things are so fun! So you can imagine my delight when I was able to combine these two things and dress my boys in matching smocked rompers. I found these adorable little rompers at a great sale, and I just couldn't resist bringing them home and trying them on my boys. I am still hoping to find the right size romper for Caleb (one that will fit him this summer). But for now I am just enjoying dressing my two favorite little men in clothes that I love, love, love!!!

Daddy doesn't always approve of Joshua Stephen wearing smocked clothing (because of his two year old rule), but he just had to allow this manly romper because of the prominent display of tools.
Joshua Stephen showing off the smocked tool appliqué, while Baby Brother drools.
Playing with their tools.

Gimme a hug!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gotta love snow

Joshua Stephen has decided he loves to play in the snow. Here's some fun pictures from the big snow storm we had a couple of weeks ago. We are expecting another a big storm in the next couple of days and Joshua Stephen can't wait. Every time he hears the word snow, he runs to the window with excitement and yells "It's snowing, it's snowing" (even though the sky is crystal clear). He just can't wait til' the snow begins to fall again.

The Butterfly House

To celebrate Caleb's Eight month Birthday we decided to take a trip to the Butterfly House. We had so much fun getting to admire some of God's beautiful creations, and Caleb had fun pretending to be a butterfly.

I just love his antennas.
I think I can fly!

Mommy and the boys.
Silly Boys!!!
Joshua Stephen having fun with his Daddy.

Just one of the many beautiful butterflies.
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Cool Hair

Caleb is always interested in watching me do housework, and he is always up for trying something new with his hair. So last week while I was vacuuming I decided to add a little style to his hair using the vacuum cleaner attachment. He loved every minute of it and I thought the fun hair do the vacuum left behind was an awesome bonus.
My boy has style!

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