Thursday, July 31, 2008

Botanical Gardens Fun

This summer we have been enjoying some Wednesday night concerts at the Botanical Gardens. The boys love to go and run around, and we enjoy all of the festivities and the fun atmosphere the Botanical Gardens offer.
Joshua Stephen's favorite part is the fountains. He loves to run in and out of the water like a crazy little man.
Caleb trying to keep up with his big brother.
I think I can catch this water- if it will just hold still.
Enjoying some snuggle time with Daddy.

Caleb just lounging around.
Daddy helping "Super Caleb" fly.
It is always so fun to do the Botanical Gardens with friends. Here's Joshua Stephen playing on one of the kid friendly sculptures with one of his favorite friends Alex.
Right now the Botanical Gardens is hosting a pretty unusual sculpture exhibit.
Joshua Stephen hanging out inside the crazy skull.
There is also a wonderful children's garden and playground that Joshua Stephen loves to visit.
J.S. crossing the rope bridge with Daddy cheering him on close behind.

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