Friday, December 21, 2007

Who's Belly is bigger???

We just couldn't resist taking some pictures of cute little Caleb with this fun little Sumo statue at Hyang Mi's restaurant. (One of the perks of knowing the owner is that you can do fun things that are a little out of the ordinary.) As you can see Caleb had so much fun with his new statue friend.

Caleb impersonating the Sumo guy. He's so talented.
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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sumo Sushi

Tonight we enjoyed an incredible meal out at Sumo Sushi- our favorite sushi restaurant. What makes Sumo Sushi so fun for us is that it is owned by my Dad's girlfriend Hyang Mi. Whenever we eat there we get the deluxe treatment and are treated to all kinds of yummy extras.
It is so fun to have Hyang Mi order for us because she surprises us with all kinds of delicious delicacies- like this fun Sushi Boat filled with some incredible sushi.
As you can see, we thoroughly enjoyed it.
The head chef is Hyang Mi's brother
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Could they be any cuter?!?! This year's Christmas picture of the boys turned out so fun. We have been thouroughly enjoying our little gift from above, Sweet Little Caleb Drue. I think Big Brother may like him Best.
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Our Christmas Card

Here is a copy of our Christmas card, designed by our wonderful friend and photographry, Kelly Park. I just love giving and receiving Christmas cards. Yeah for the Holidays!
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Little Reindeer Bears

I just love this little hat. We call it our ReinBear hat because I think it makes the boys look like a little bear with Reindeer antlers. We pull it out every Christmas because it makes me smile. I think the boys just look so cute in it. Thankfully the boys humor me and let me take lots of pictures.
Here's Caleb having fun being a ReinBear.
Here's Joshua Stephen (2 years ago)- The Original Reinbear, and just as cute as can be!
Caleb thinking: My Mom is so silly. Why does she like this hat so much?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow Day!!!

Today was our first day of real snow for this winter season. We woke up this morning to a beautiful winter wonderland. We enjoyed a cozy morning inside as we watched the huge snow flakes float by. To pass the time, we snuggled on the couch, watched our favorite movie (at the moment Robin Hood) and munched on popcorn while signing all of our favorite Robin Hood songs. After enjoying a cozy morning inside we decided to bundle up and venture outside for some fun in the snow.

Joshua Stephen loved the snow and he was so sad when it was time to come inside. (This is a very different response from last year when he hated the snow and all of the many layers of clothes he was required to wear before walking out the door.) This year Joshua Stephen enjoyed making snow balls and playing in the snow with the older boys and his Dad. I think a snow ball fight might have even broken out between Daddy and some of the boys- but I am not saying who won. Caleb bared with us through our outing, though he didn't adopt our excitement and zeal. Instead the cold froze his cute little chubby cheeks in place and he wore the same solemn expression on his face until we returned inside and his cheeks were thoroughly thawed.

All in all, it was a fun day! Days like these remind me of why I love being a Mom so much. It was refreshing to just take a day and have fun with my boys. I enjoyed getting to snuggle with them and just give them my undivided attention. It was so fun to see their excitement and to just enjoy being with them. They are so precious to me and they are such a gift from God!

Caleb the Christmas Elf

We had so much fun dressing up Caleb in these silly little Christmas pajamas. He reminded us of a cute little Christmas elf and we just couldn't resist snapping a few shots of our favorite little Santa's helper.
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Santa Claus

We ran into Santa Claus at Krump's Nursery and we just couldn't resist gettings some pictures with Old St. Nick. Joshua Stephen was a little scared of Santa at first, but it didn't take him long to discover that Santa was giving away candy canes. Caleb loved every minute, and he had fun meeting the jolly old fellow for the first time.
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A field of Red

Joshua Stephen with his cousin Tara.

To kick off the Christmas season we visited Krump's Nursery. Krump's is famous for their beautiful pointisettas. We had so much fun getting to run around and play in this field of beautiful red pointisettas.
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The Great Grand Poppa

Introducing Poppa. Or as we call him, the "original Poppa" or "Poppa-Poppa". Poppa is Dawson's grandfather and the boys only living great grandfather. You may notice that we refer to all of our Grandpas with some form of the word Poppa (we have Poppa Larry, Paw-Paw Kenny and Poppa-Poppa). It can be a little confusing for an outsider, but Joshua Stephen has it down and he loves to talk about each of his different Poppas.
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Daddy's old coat

This cute little coat and hat belonged to Dawson when he was little. Kay-Kay pulled it out when the weather turned cold and we had fun bundling up our biggest boy so he looked just like his Daddy when he was little.
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Caleb's first football game

Go Bobcats!!!! We had so much fun taking Caleb to his first Celina High School football game. Paw-Paw Kenny and Kay-Kay never miss a Celina football game, and they just couldn't wait to take their boys with them to a game. While Joshua Stephen is a veteran of Celina football (we make it home for at least one playoff game every year), Caleb is new to the game. So we got the boys all bundled up in their bright orange Celina gear and headed to the stadium to cheer for our Bobcats. Caleb had so much fun that he just couldn't keep his eyes open toward the end and he fell asleep in his Sweet Kay-Kay's arms.

Kay-Kay with her Cuties

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Here's some random pics of Kay-Kay with her cute little boys. One things for sure, Kay-Kay loves her Cuties!!!

Paw-Paw Kenny

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These are some fun pictures of Paw-Paw Kenny with his two favorite little boys.