Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Belly Up

We're sad to report that BOB our beloved fish is no longer with us. Joshua Stephen handled the disappointment pretty well. Last night just before bedtime, we realized BOB probably wouldn't make it. Joshua Stephen was so sweet to pray for BOB and he was confident that God could heal him (I am so encouraged by his faith in our God). And today when Dad broke the news to him that BOB didn't make it, Joshua Stephen was quick to comfort Daddy and say "It'll be ok, we can get another fish". (I love how resilient three year olds are.)

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Introducing Bob and Larry

Meet Bob and Larry- the newest members of the Bean Family.
Well, it all started at the school carnival we visited last weekend. Just before leaving I decided we just had to try our hand at the fish in the bowl game. (You know the game where you try and throw a ping bong ball into a little fish bowl and if you succeed you win a live goldfish.) It is a game that I grew up playing every year at our State Fair with my Dad, and almost every year I came home with a new goldfish (much to my mother's dismay). And I must say that in my experience, fish you win at fairs and carnivals have unusually long life spans- I guess they have to be tough to survive all that action.
Well, you guessed it- we were lucky enough to land one of our little balls into a fish bowl and just moments later we were picking out which goldfish we wanted to take home with us. Joshua Stephen was so excited! As we were walking to the car with the newest member of the Bean family, we asked Joshua Stephen what he wanted to name his fish and he instantly said "BOB" (which I must say is a very fitting name for a fish). Before leaving the carnival parking lot Dawson informed me that we had to go to the pet store immediately (no waiting until tomorrow) to purchase a fish tank and all of the fish necessities.
So off to the pet store we go. After looking in depth at over twenty different aquariums we finally select a home suitable for our new little friend. But before leaving we decide to adopt another little goldfish so that both Joshua Stephen and Caleb can each have their own fish. And what do we decide to name Caleb's fish? We could think of nothing more fitting than "LARRY" (I guess you could say we're heavily influenced by Veggie Tales and our Poppa Larry).
We decided that the fish would live in Joshua Stephen's room, but only after he agreed to a few ground rules. One of them being that we only feed the fish with the help of Mommy or Daddy. Which reminded us of one of Daddy's favorite books when he was growing up called "A Fish Out of Water". It's a fun little book that teaches "You only feed a fish so much and no more". It is also one of Joshua Stephen's favorite tales.
This picture gives you an idea of how Joshua Stephen is doing with sharing his fish.
"Please step away from the fish. "(Just kidding.)
Joshua Stephen and Daddy feeding Bob and Larry "only so much and no more".

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