Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Terradactyl

Our Sweet little Caleb has developed a new way of communicating with us- I call it the terradactyl screech. Whenever Caleb sees something he wants he gives out a little scream (that sounds remarkably like a terradactyl). And while this has proven to be a quite effective form of communication for him, we are trying to teach him some baby sign language (which doesn't really seem to be catching on at the moment).
Our happy Little Terradactyl.
At first I was quite concerned when Caleb began screeching and squealing to make himself known (it started a little before his first birthday), but I was quickly reminded that this is a normal stage that most little ones go through. And it seems like our little man grew up over night. He went from being very laid back and having no opinion to letting you know what he likes and dislikes. But for now we are just enjoying our sweet little terradactyl and the loud way he communicates with us (because before we know it he'll be talking a mile a minute and his terradactyl days will be a thing of the past.)

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