Saturday, July 19, 2008

Caleb's First Birthday

This year we are very excited that we got to celebrate Caleb's first Birthday with our Kay-Kay!!!
What makes June 5 so special is that both Caleb and Kay-Kay were born on that day. And this year we got to celebrate a milestone Birthday for each of them.
Caleb turned One and Kay-Kay turned Sixty (and she looks simply radiant).
Our happy little family!
Look at the boys eying that cake.
It's so much fun to celebrate our Caleb!!!

Singing Happy Birthday to our Birthday Buddies.
Blowing out the Birthday candles.

Oh No- I forgot a gift for Kay-Kay.
Wait, wait, wait- I'm Kay-Kay's favorite gift.
(A silly picture I snapped during Caleb's Birthday dinner. )
Caleb hanging out with his cousins Daniel and Tara.
It was so fun to get to spend time with our Poppa-Poppa.
Caleb opening his presents.
Since Caleb is a man on the move, we decided to put him, along with all of his gifts, into his wagon and then let him have at it. (We like to call that using a containment unit to our advantage.)
Big Brother was so helpful and offered to try out all of Caleb's new toys for him.
Caleb tearing into a present.
A happy little Birthday boy ready to enjoy his presents.

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