Monday, June 30, 2008

MiMi comes to visit

While we were visiting Kay-Kay and Paw-Paw Kenny in Celina our MiMi (my Mom) came and visited us. We had so much fun getting to play and laugh with her. Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from her visit. As you can see MiMi loves her boys.

Me and my Mom- I think she's just adorable!

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Our new Playground

Kay-Kay and Paw-Paw Kenny surprised us with a brand new outdoor playground for the boys.
We had fun helping set it up.
Paw-Paw Kenny said he knew we were in trouble when the instructions called for two men and 12 hours to get it assembled.
Caleb did his part. He was a big help.
He's a very enthusiastic worker.
All the boys working hard.

Caleb testing the slide, with Kay-Kay on the alert.

Caleb loves his new fort.

Everyone trying out the new swings.
Our favorite assembly men- my heroes!
Good job Dad and Paw-Paw Kenny!!!

Joshua Stephen being creative with his new slip-n-slide.
We had a Blast enjoying our new playground, and we can't wait til' we get to visit Kay-Kay and Paw-Paw Kenny again.

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Still in Love.....

Well, after SEVEN years of marriage I am happy to report that Dawson and I are still very much in love.
Here we are laughing together and having FUN!!!
Thanks Honey for seven wonderful years!!!
The Lord has taught me so much through you and our marriage. I appreciate your great patience and gentleness with me. The boys are blessed to have a wonderful Daddy who loves them so much. And I am blessed to have such an incredible husband and best friend. I look forward to the many years we have ahead of us.

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Big Cedar Lodge

For our mini family vacation this year we decided to go to Big Cedar Lodge in Branson Missouri.

I just loved all of the beautiful flowers and landscaping we found all over the resort.
So of course I had to take lots of pictures of us with the flowers.

The boys enjoyed being in the great outdoors.

At check in they had a great lincoln log table for the kiddos to play at.

Joshua Stephen was so so proud of the log cabin he built.

Exploring the sights of our hotel.

More flower pictures with my precious boys.

We had such a sweet time.
Below you'll find more highlights from our fun trip.

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Fishing and Swimming

While at Big Cedar Lodge we enjoyed all they had to offer.
Which means we did a little fishing.
Joshua Stephen decided he didn't like the fishing (waiting around) near as much as he did the catching.

Joshua Stephen having fun playing with the water.

We also had some fun at the pool.

Getting some lovin' from my littlest swimmer.

Enjoying the water with my favorite little guys.

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Joshua Stephen's First Fish

During our stay at Big Cedar Lodge Joshua Stephen was able to take part in a fishing tournament for kids.
He caught his first fish!
Although Joshua Stephen had been fishing with his Daddy on several occasions, this is the first time he ever caught a fish himself.

Daddy was so proud.

The proud fishermen.

Joshua Stephen handing his fish over to Daddy for safe handling.

My boys fishing. What fun!!!

Watching Daddy- the Expert Fisherman.

What do you think is in that water?

Two boys having fun. What could be cuter?!?

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