Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

Last weekend we went on a fun scavenger hunt through Longview Farm park (as part of their fall festival).
Joshua Stephen and Daddy had so much fun finding all of the natural treasures that made up our scavenger hunt list.
X marks the spot.
Caleb and I had fun bringing up the rear. We stayed close behind the big boys and made sure they didn't miss anything along the way.
There is always time for some Daddy lovin' when you're on a big explore.
Daddy and Joshua Stephen loving each other and the Great Outdoors.
After our scavenger hunt the boys enjoyed a little time at the playground. Our Caleb is such an adventurer! He's always ready to tackle any piece of playground equipment you put in front of him.
Caleb in a bubble. Oh what fun!

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