Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A romantic weekend away

Paw-Paw Kenny and Kay-Kay were so sweet to watch the boys for us so that we could enjoy a romantic weekend away. To celebrate our independence we decided to visit the state capital of Texas, the beautiful city of Austin. It was such a treat to have some undistracted alone time. We got to see the sights of Austin, enjoy some fun meals out and even catch up on a little rest. But within a couple of hours I was missing my boys and when Sunday arrived I couldn't wait to hug their little necks and give them lots of kisses.
Proud to stand right in the center of the Republic of Texas.
Dawson in front of the confederate soldiers monument.
What a beautiful state capital building. I just love Texas- it's such a friendly place.
Thanks Paw-Paw Kenny and Kay-Kay for treating us to a refreshing weekend! You're the Best!!!

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