Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fishing with Dad

I just love being a Mom of two little boys!
One of the reasons I think it is so much fun is because I have such a great husband and Daddy for my boys. Joshua Stephen just loves doing stuff with his Dad and Dawson always does a great job of including our boys in his hobbies. This means that when Daddy wants to practice his fly fishing technique, Joshua Stephen is at his side. When Daddy makes a trip to Cabela's the boys accompany him as his helpers. And now that it is hunting season, Joshua Stephen has already been with Daddy to scout out a couple of fields for hunting. I just love that Dawson enjoys spending time with his boys and that he is helping them to develop a love for the great outdoors.
Here's Daddy teaching Joshua Stephen some fly fishing technique.
Joshua Stephen practicing with his Spiderman fishing rod.
Joshua Stephen just loves learning from his Daddy.
I can't wait to see what they catch!

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