Monday, September 29, 2008

Carnival Fun

I just love the fall- cooler weather and school carnivals. We just couldn't resist visiting this local school carnival. The boys had so much fun riding on the kiddie rides, and they even let us join them on a few. We loved every minute of it as we watched the boys faces express their joy and delight.
The boys blasting the bad guys. Can't you just hear Joshua Stephen's sound effects.
Caleb wouldn't stay buckled into his seat belt so Daddy decided to join them for the ride.
After it got dark, Mommy got to take the boys for a ride also.
My little space rangers did a great job keeping me safe on the ride.
Joshua Stephen got to go on some fun rides with one of his favorite friends Alex.
My Big boy loving every minute of the swing ride (to my surprise).
And of course, I had to take in a thrill ride with one of my favorite friends Katie. It was so fun to do the carnival with their fun family. Our boys just love each other.
Way up high on the ferris wheel we go to see all the lights and sights the carnival had to offer.
What Fun!!!

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