Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall has arrived

Well, it's official Fall has arrived here in St. Louis. The temperature has dropped and we are enjoying some beautiful days filled with refreshing cool, crisp air. I have been waiting all summer for this season to arrive so that I could dress my boys in these fun little Fall colored smocked rompers that I purchased last Spring. Yeah- I am so glad Fall is here (and I'm glad I picked the right size rompers)!
Look how big my Caleb is getting.
Don't you just love Joshua Stephen's serious face?
(Dad thinks he may be wearing that expression because he's upset he's wearing smocked clothes, but I heard no complaints from my Little Man. Plus, if you look closely you'll notice the smocking features a set of tools- what could be more manly?)
Two happy boys!
Caleb is so silly!

Running home for lunch.
Could they be any cuter?

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