Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Super Party for A Super Boy!!!

Well, it's hard to believe that my little boy is THREE years old!
To celebrate this Big occasion we had a Super Man Birthday party!!!
Here's the Super Boy posing just like his Super Hero.
We invited all of our friends to come dressed as their favorite Super Heroes.
Joshua Stephen eager for the party to begin.
Paw-Paw Kenny and Kay-Kay came in town just to celebrate Joshua Stephen's Birthday with us. I think they may have been Joshua Stephen's favorite Birthday present. He just couldn't wait for them to arrive. It was so fun to have them at the party and they were such a big help with all of the behind the scene details.
A fun friend specially made Joshua Stephen's Birthday cake, and it was simply delicious!
Here's our Big Guy blowing out his Birthday candle.
Enjoying some cake with his friends.

Our festive crowd chowing down on some Birthday cake.
The day was filled with lots of games.
Like seeing who could keep Super Man (the bop bag) down the longest.
My favorite- The Super Man pinata. Never a dull moment when you give little ones a bat and encourage them to swing it in the air until they see candy flying.
Pin the S on Super Man.
And of course, there were presents. And ohhh, so many of them!
Thanks to all of our Sweet friends!!!
The gift Joshua Stephen had been longing for....... A Light Saber.
We got him a set of two Light Sabers so that he will always be able to battle a friend on the playground (just like the Big kids do).

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