Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Rough Tough Boys

Yep, that's right you're looking at a shiner.
I am sad to say that at the moment both of my boys have black eyes.
But that hasn't slowed us down any. We are still making time to visit Ronald McDonald and enjoy a little ice cream.
Joshua Stephen got his black eye while he was playing at the Botanical Gardens with Dad. They were examining a tree stump exhibit, when Joshua Stephen got a little too close and Bonked his eye.
(Thankfully his shiner is a little harder to see until he closes his eye.)
Here's a good view of Caleb's first little black eye. We're not really sure how it happened. All we know is that the boys we're happily playing together, with Caleb laughing hysterically. Next thing we knew Caleb is crying and Big Brother doesn't know what has happened. We figure Caleb either got hit in the eye with one of the small animals the boys were playing with, or he bumped his face on a piece of furniture.
I am sure this will be the first of many battle scars for Caleb.
Here's my Rough and Tough boys.
Also known as Bruiser Bear (Joshua Stephen) and my Little Black Eyed Pea (Caleb).
One things for sure, these boys like to live life on the edge and keep Mom on her toes.

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