Monday, May 5, 2008

Caleb's First Haircut

Our sweet little Caleb is growing up. So we decided it was time to get him his first haircut.
Here he is before the Big haircut.
As you can see he was starting to look a little shaggy.
Look at those cheeks. Could he be any cuter?!?!
What is she doing?
I think she wants to play?
Let's see if she can keep up with me. How quick can she move?
I guess I'll hold still long enough for Mom to snap a few pictures.
Here's our clean cut little man with a big sugar cookie to celebrate his first Big Boy haircut.

It is so bittersweet for me to watch my little ones grow up. I just love the baby and toddler stages when everything is new and exciting for them. While I do love celebrating each of their accomplishments and discoveries along the way, it is sad for me to know that they will never be this little again. I just love bing able to snuggle them and make em' giggle. All this keeps me cherishing each day of their precious little childhood. I feel so blessed to get spend my days with these precious little men!!!

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