Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's in the Mail

Today was a wet and dreary day, and I had the dreaded task of visiting the post office. Anyone with small children can tell you that visiting the post office with little ones in tow is usually not a very fun task. For some reason children seem to go stir crazy as you are standing in line patiently waiting for your number to be called. But today we decided to make the post office fun. I let my two little helpers come to my aid by putting all of our letters into the mailbox for me. All the while the mailbox was talking to us (in a voice that sounded somewhat similar to "silly Mommy") saying "I'm so hungry, feed me some mail".
It was quite a stretch, but Joshua Stephen proved that he has what it takes to be a postman extraordinaire.
Here's Caleb supervising his brother's work. He can give some pretty intimidating looks if your work is not up to snuff.
I am happy to report that thanks to my little helpers we got our Mother's Day cards and over a hundred prayer letters in the mail today. And we even got to help a couple of other friendly people put some of their letters in the mail too. One sweet lady told Joshua Stephen that she hoped he would be there next time to help her with all of her postage needs.
Way to go my Little Postmen!!!

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