Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Two sick boys

Well, I am sad to report that I have two sick little boys in my house. A bug has been going around campus that causes little ones to feel sick and vomit, and I am sad to say that it has hit the Bean household. It landed on Joshua Stephen yesterday evening when out of no where he decided to empty out his stomach while we were in the car on our way to Chick-fil-a. After a quick clean up of Joshua Stephen we returned home to hose down the car and his carseat. We've been taking things easy today, avoiding our friends and eating light meals (even though Joshua Stephen wants to eat everything in sight). Exactly 24 hours after the bug hit Joshua Stephen, Baby Caleb came down with the same symptoms and decided to empty out the contents of his poor little tummy. At the moment, Caleb is not doing so good. He has thrown up several times and hasn't been nursing at all. But we have called the doctor and we know what signs to look for in case of dehydration. We'll keep you posted on how our little men are doing. We are anxious for everyone to be feeling better and we are hopeful that Mom and Dad can avoid the bug altogether.

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