Monday, October 22, 2007

Above Average or Below

These are two of my favorite signs that are displayed at the Magic House (a fun Children's Museum that we like to visit). I am happy to report that both of my boys have been below average when it comes to newborn crying (but only by the grace of God). Our joke is that Bean babies take it easy their first year and save up all of their energy so that they have energy to spare during their second year of life. (Our two year old Joshua Stephen is a hard little man to keep up with.) I have a sneaking suspicion that my boys will be average or above average when it comes to asking questions. Joshua Stephen is already well on his way to 437 questions a day. Everyday I am amazed and challenged by just how much he comprehends and how quick he is learning new things. Praise God for these precious little boys I have the privilege of shaping and molding! I only hope I am helping to mold them more into the image of our precious Savior each day.
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Dani and Greg said...

Ha ha! Max definitely got the memo from your sons and filled in his days with THEIR 133 minutes too! But now he is a ball of endless energy and SO MUCH FUN! Your boys (and you!) are gorgeous!

elamemail said...

Love your fun blog Bean family!