Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Favorite Disneyland Rides

The Flying Elephants- also known as Dumbo
A number of times we asked Joshua Stephen what his favorite ride was and his response was always the same.
"Ummmm, I don't know- maybe the flying elephants."
Each time it was just precious to hear his response. But then again I think just about everything sounds cute coming out of his mouth with his adorable little two year old accent. He is very thoughtful and inquisitive each time he answers a question, even if he has heard the question a dozen times.

We also had a blast riding all of the other rides Disneyland has to offer. We were a little surprised that Joshua Stephen was frightened by a number of the rides in Fantasyland. Even the rides from movies with his favorite characters (like Peter Pan and Finding Nemo) seemed to scare him. However, it didn't take us long to discover that the scare factor came from the fact that most of the rides were dark inside. He also wasn't too crazy about the nighttime fireworks display (he was not too fond of all of the loud explosion noises). But all in all, he was a brave little champ and we were able to experience almost every ride and attraction that Disney has to offer (as long as it didn't have a height restriction). Here are some pictures of us on fun rides.
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