Friday, September 28, 2007

Our Favorite Clown

Meet our favorite clown, Spunky Beans (no relation- we just like her last name). Spunky makes the coolest balloon shapes this side of the Mississippi. We think she is so fun and she just happens to be at one of our favorite burger restaurants, Culver's, every Wednesday night. So, sometimes to escape the monotony of another home cooked meal, we head out to Culver's to visit our fun friend and enjoy some of her unique balloon creations. Spunky just loves Joshua Stephen and his Little Brother too!
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Aimee said...

There's a Culver's in McKinney we used to go to was April's FAVE! I don't think they had clowns though!?! How Fun! Oh, and on the food network today we heard of a place called, Blue Owl?!!? Serves the 16 pound apple pie!??! Have ya'll been there?!?! Just curious!