Friday, September 28, 2007

Caleb takes me on a date!

What a treat to get to go on a Mother-Son date with my precious Baby Caleb! This is something that Joshua Stephen and I got to do often the first two years of his life. But with Caleb being our second little one, I don't get to do as many outings with just the two of us. Well, this Wednesday while Joshua Stephen was at his Mom's Morning Out (which he just loves), Caleb escorted me to St. Louis Bread Co. where we had a lovely breakfast while we flirted and oohh and ahhed at each other. Then I got a chance to study my Bible and be refreshed before coming to pick up Big Brother. Times like these are such a treat! And Caleb is always the perfect date. He is so fun to be around and I just love the way he smiles and flirts with me. I can't wait for our upcoming date this next Wednesday morning- who knows what fun we'll have!!!!
Here's a picture of my little flirt. How can anyone resist such an adorable smile?
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Holly said...

Hey Shanna! Your boys are too precious. I'm so happy for you guys! You are training Caleb and Joshua Stephen well for their future husband roles someday. Way to go! Tell Dawson I said hi too!

Beth & Eric said...

So sweet and precious! I love the flirting smile! My little Paige does that with her Daddy too. :)