Monday, September 24, 2007

The Girls who keep me sane

I just love these girls- Katie (left) and Maggie (right)! It is my opinion that you could go crazy as a Mom of little ones if you don't surround yourself with fun friends. Not that I don't love being a stay at home Mom- there is absolutley nothing else I would rather do than have a front row seat for watching my little boys grow up. It is such a joy and privilege to get to spend my days loving on my boys and helping them grow into the godly men I hope they will be one day. But being surrounded by little ones all day can wear on you if you don't have fun friends that you can rejoice with about the daily joys and pains of being a Mommy. These two girls continually encourage me and point me to Christ. We do many a family outing together and it works out well that all of our kids love and enjoy each other. Our husbands also have fun together from time to time.

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