Monday, September 3, 2007

Bed time

We have a sweet little bed time routine in the Bean household. We read two Bible stories while drinking a cup of water and then we say our prayers. We just recently started learning a Children's Catechism based on the the Westminster Shorter Catechism along with some Bible verses and so we have had fun adding that to the bed time mix. Joshua Stephen gets so excited to answer his Catechism questions. He has the answers memorized so well that he often says the answer before we ask the question. Right now my favorite question and answer is: "Where does God teach us to praise and enjoy him?" He often answers by saying "No hitting, no fighting, no pushing, no biting" because we taught him this phrase with regards to how we treat our friends. I don't know why this answer comes to mind for this question, but it often does and it is just precious. We just added a new question to our list: "What is God?" To which Joshua Stephen always answers "Jesus" before giving the textbook answer of "God is a Spirit". He gets so excited while he is answering his Catechism questions, and after he has answered about the third or fourth question he starts yelling "A stick-aaaa" after every correct answer because he gets a sticker as a reward for doing his questions. It just amazes me how much he really understands, comprehends and remembers. Joshua Stephen is only two years old (28 months to be exact) and yet he knows so much. What a privilege to get to teach him about Jesus and God's great love for us. It brings joy to my heart that he already knows and loves our Savior.

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