Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our new pet

Well, thanks to Poppa Larry we now have a new family pet- Koda the Dinosaur!

My Dad saw an article about this fun dinosaur in the newspaper a couple of months ago and called and told me he wanted to buy it for the boys for Christmas. Which is way to sweet. Joshua Stephen often thinks of Poppa Larry as the dinosaur grandpa because he always takes the boys to the dinosaur museum when we go home to visit.
So I looked into it and realized that Koda would be a pretty big addition to our tiny little apartment. But when I saw him on sale at Target, I just couldn't resist bringing him home to see what the boys would think of him. And of course the boys just love him!
Koda is by far the coolest family pet! The boys love riding on him and when you bounce on his back he plays music. The boys also have fun talking to Koda because he responds to your words and touch with cute little roars and head movements.
But you also have to take care of Koda just like a real pet. And the boys do a good job of making sure Koda gets plenty to eat.
Don't you love Joshua Stephen's impersonation of what a dinosaur sounds like?
When we first took Koda out of the box the boys were a little scared of him. It took them a little while before they wanted to get too close to him. But now we can't keep them away.
The boys are so excited about the newest addition to our family. And I just love that it reminds them of their Poppa Larry.

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