Monday, November 10, 2008


We had so much fun getting to take the boys Trick-or-Treating on campus. We live in the perfect place to get a ton of candy in a short amount of time, all while getting to see lots of friends in the process.
This year Joshua Stephen dressed up as Peter Pan.
(Some people thought his costume looked like Robin Hood because of the colors, but he was still Disney's original Peter Pan none the less.)
Our cute little Caleb dressed up as Pooh Bear- all stuffed with fluff.
I just love this picture.
It shows the reality of trying to get your kids to do fun things. Sometimes they are just not up for it until you put a lollipop in their hand.
Joshua Stephen practicing his "Trick-or-Treat". Who could resist that smile?
My boys out on the Trick-or-Treat trail.
Caleb says "I hope Dad doesn't think I'm going to share these goodies with him".
Joshua Stephen with his twin Alex.
Enjoying a little lollipop to ease the stress of a hard night's work.
Mommy loving on her little characters.
The boys going through all of their loot.
Watch out cavities, here we come!

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