Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're having a...... GIRL!!!!

Well, it's official we're having a Baby GIRL!!! We are super excited, but we were a little shocked when we found out. After having two boys we kind of got used to the idea of boys and wondered if having a girl was even a possibility for us. But it looks like God has a precious Baby girl in store for us. I am now 21 weeks pregnant, so we are looking forward to meeting this precious little lady some time in early June.

One fun note is that for a while now Joshua Stephen has been saying that he wants a "Girl Baby" since he already got a "Boy Baby" with Caleb- he decided he wanted one of each. Shortly after the sonogram lady told us it was girl, Joshua Stephen said "See Mom, I told you it was a girl baby". So for now we are getting into girl mode and loving every minute of it. I can assure you that our sweet little girl will probably have a double name and that she we will be adorned with pink, toile, bows and lots of monograms. I can't wait!
One of our first pictures of our precious baby GIRL!

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The Lovealls said...

Congrats Bean Family! I am so excited for you all! I love the picture- she looks like she is smiling. So cute!

Sera said...

Oh, Shanna! Congratulations!!! Having a little girl is the best. And I just can't wait to see how you dress her up - your boys are so well-dressed that I know she will just be a little fashionista. I am so excited for you, and I hope the pregnancy is going well for you! And, in case you are like - who the heck are you?!?! I was on the Branson summer project in '03. Just not sure if you would recognize the new last name (it was Gray before).

kacey said...

Hey neighbor! Congratulations! There is some irony here in that I don't visit your blog much, but I went today and saw your news BEFORE I've seen you in the halls! I'm excited for you guys!

Shannon said...

Good to see you at the playground the other day!