Monday, September 6, 2010

The cutest little pig tails

Aren't these the cutest little pig tails you have ever seen!?!
I think they look just adorable on our Sweet Little Mary Beth!
Today when she woke up from her nap, I decided to try putting pig tails in her hair for the first time. And to my amazement they turned out super cute.
As Mary Beth's hair grows it can some times looks a little wild and crazy. When Mary Beth is sporting her fly away hair look, we call her "Wanda the Wild Woman"- which always makes her smile.
Now that she has these cute little pig tails, we have been calling her our own "Little Pippy" (after Pippy Longstocking).
(Try to ignore the little boo-boo she got near her eye from accidentally bonking the coffee table.)
As I was finishing putting the pony tails in her hair, Dawson looked at her and said "She's going to look like a girl today". Of course, he had to do some explaining because I think our little Mary Beth looks like a cute little girl everyday.
And here's how cute her pig tails look from the back.

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