Monday, September 6, 2010

Caleb's First day of school

Well, it's hard to believe my Baby Boy has started "Big Boy School". This year Caleb is doing the Little Pelican (3 year old) class at Big Brother's school. He was a little reluctant to get out the door, but excited all the same. He was not up for posing for pictures on his big day so I had to sneak some along the way.
My boys heading into school on Caleb's first day of class.
Caleb sporting his new back pack (that is just like Big Brother's big boy back pack).
At this point, Joshua Stephen turned to me and said "I'll take him into school Mom- you can go ahead and leave." I had to insist that I wanted to come with them for Caleb's first day of school. It is so sweet to see how Joshua Stephen looks after his brother. He is super excited to have Caleb at his school, and every day when I pick them up Joshua Stephen gives me a report on how Caleb did at school.
Caleb looking in the window at school.
When I took Caleb into his class for the first time I got to see just how different he is from his Big Brother. (Joshua Stephen is seldom shy and is always ready to jump into situations with new people- he is Mr. Outgoing.) Caleb on the other hand is a little more shy and reserved. When Caleb's teacher came and greeted us at the door he immediately hid behind my legs. He wouldn't go into the class room without me by his side, and he had no intention of letting me leave (I had to sneak out after he was playing happily with some new friends).
A fun picture Caleb's teacher snapped for me as I was dropping him off at class for the first time. I am so excited to have a picture of me and my baby on his first day of "Big Boy school".
Caleb enjoying the train table in his new class room.
Caleb talking with his teacher, Mrs. Kugler, and some fellow classmates.

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