Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Sweet Heart

My Joshua Stephen is so sweet- he melts my heart daily. He delights in loving on his little sister and he is such a great protector for her. He loves to give her kisses and he will go to great lengths to make her smile and giggle. He gets so excited with each of her new developments and he points out to me everything new she is learning each day. Anytime he sees a pink or girly toy (or any item of the like for that matter) he says "Hey Mom, we should get that for sister. I think she would really like it." I find him giving Caleb spontaneous hugs and encouragement (as well as tackling him and wrestling him to the ground).
He is quick to share his treasures and prized possessions with those he loves. He has gotten into the habit of saving his favorite part of his school snack to share with me- which always just melts my heart. It is so sweet to pick him up from afternoon Pre-K and hear him say "Hey Mom, I saved you your favorite color fruit snack from snack time today". (And he smiles from ear to ear as he hands it to me.) He came home from school today and decided to share all of his Valentine's treats with each member of the family. He picked out a special Valentine and pencil for each one of us from the treats he had been given during his class Valentines party. What a sweetheart!
I am so encouraged by Joshua Stephen's sweet and caring nature. (Sure we still see our fair share of the not so kind and caring stuff, but I just praise the Lord when I see how wonderfully He has made my son.) It is so sweet to see how God is growing a kind and caring spirit in my Little Man. Praise the Lord that He is constantly at work in our hearts. We are so thankful He is in the business of molding us into the image of His Son.

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