Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Grocery Store (with 3 kids)

I am often asked how I do my grocery shopping with three small kids in toe. And let me just tell you it is no small feat. I have a strategy for conquering the grocery store.
First we start with a lecture in the car about how we behave and what is expected of us while we are in the store. Then once inside the store, my strategy revolves around the grocery cart.
My rule is: If I am shopping for more than 3 items then I must have a cart that can contain all 3 of my children.
Sure both Joshua Stephen and Caleb can walk, but I have found that things run a little smoother when everyone is contained, and at times everyone may even need to be strapped down.
You can't really tell, but the boys are showing off their cookies.
I am not above bribing my kids, and it just so happens that most grocery stores give out free cookies to kids. Plus I always carry some extra snacks in my bag to help thwart off any unexpected melt downs.
Ahh, behold the power of Treats.
At the end of our grocery shopping experience the boys are always eager to help me put the groceries on the check out counter. Often times this is a chaotic experience (and many a loaf of bread or an egg have been lost in the process). At some point, one or both of the boys usually rush away to enjoy a little freedom from the cart. Here they are exploring an eye sight machine right next to the cash register.
And I have learned to take all of the help I can get.
I used to be quick to tell the cashier I didn't need any help getting out to my car, but now I think it is such a luxury to have someone help me load my groceries into the car while I buckle up Little Ones. And if people want to smile at my kids and entertain them while I am distracted looking for just the right brownie mix, then I say thank you for helping me to accomplish what used to be a simple daily task, but what is now a major feat of courage. Thankfully, I am always rewarded with the praise of my sweet husband when I return home.
(Dawson has ventured into the grocery store with me and all 3 children on several occasions and every time we leave he says he appreciates me all the more.)

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