Saturday, December 12, 2009

Caleb's ER Visit

Just the other night (November 29 to be exact), our Sweet Little Caleb slipped while climbing one of our bar stools and got a nasty cut on his eye. My first response whenever there is an injury is to squeeze and comfort my Little one, and then to immediately call Dad to come and assess the damage. I hate examining injuries to find out just how hurt my children really are.
Well, after Dawson examined Caleb's eye we realized he had a pretty big gash on his eye, but we weren't sure what to do. But just then we realized that some of our closest friends, who are also our neighbors, had their Grandma who is an ER nurse in town. So we rushed upstairs, to get an expert opinion on what to do. She recommended that we take our sweet little Caleb to the ER to get some stitches. So off to the ER we go, but not before my Sweet friend Maggie packed Caleb an ER survival kit filled with snacks and lots of lollipops (every kids dream come true).
I ended up being the one who got to take Caleb to the ER and let me just say it was such a fun night for us. Who would have thought? What made it so fun was getting to spend some one on one time alone with Caleb. It's not often when I get to do things alone with just Caleb, and so often I only get to see Caleb when he is with (and being influenced by) Big Brother. So it was such a treat to spend some quality time with just Caleb and to see what a fun little guy he is. I just love his sweet little personality. He is so happy and silly and he loves to flirt with anyone who will give him attention. Really he is just super cute and adorable when you get right down to it. We got to have lots of fun playing and talking while we waited for the doctor to come in.
Here he is enjoying some of the snacks that Maggie put in his ER survival kit. Without a doubt, that little treat bag made going to the ER a fun experience for Caleb. He couldn't wait til we got inside the ER so he could open one of his treats.
(Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift Maggie!)

And the really good news is that we didn't have to get any stitches. Yeah!!! Of course, that made the whole ER experience way more pleasant. The doctor said that the cut should heal up nicely on its own, because of its location. And praise God she was right- his eye has healed up quite well.

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