Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cookie Face

Here's Joshua Stephen enjoying a cookie during our "Family Movie Night".
Most evenings we try to spend time together as a family. Since it has been so cold outside, we've been stuck inside trying to find fun things to fill our time. Well, Dawson came up with the idea of having a Family movie night and Joshua Stephen instantly loved it. (We try not to watch too much TV, so J.S. gets really excited when we put a moving picture in front of him.) I baked cookies as a fun little treat for our cozy evening indoors, and Joshua Stephen thought he had died and gone to heaven- cookies AND a movie with Mom, Dad and Baby Brother curled up next to him. What Fun!
It's no surprise that we have had many requests for another Family Movie Night. Each morning I ask Joshua Stephen "What do you want to do today", and often times his first response is "Have a family movie night". He's such a silly little guy!
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