Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Belly Up

We're sad to report that BOB our beloved fish is no longer with us. Joshua Stephen handled the disappointment pretty well. Last night just before bedtime, we realized BOB probably wouldn't make it. Joshua Stephen was so sweet to pray for BOB and he was confident that God could heal him (I am so encouraged by his faith in our God). And today when Dad broke the news to him that BOB didn't make it, Joshua Stephen was quick to comfort Daddy and say "It'll be ok, we can get another fish". (I love how resilient three year olds are.)

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Emily Murphy said...

Hey Shanna,
I love your blog! How did you get it so decorative. Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for your sweet comment on our blog! I am so gald it ministered to you. I will call soon, i would love to catch up. Emma
p.s. Tell Joshua I am so sorry about his fish :)