Monday, June 30, 2008

Our new Playground

Kay-Kay and Paw-Paw Kenny surprised us with a brand new outdoor playground for the boys.
We had fun helping set it up.
Paw-Paw Kenny said he knew we were in trouble when the instructions called for two men and 12 hours to get it assembled.
Caleb did his part. He was a big help.
He's a very enthusiastic worker.
All the boys working hard.

Caleb testing the slide, with Kay-Kay on the alert.

Caleb loves his new fort.

Everyone trying out the new swings.
Our favorite assembly men- my heroes!
Good job Dad and Paw-Paw Kenny!!!

Joshua Stephen being creative with his new slip-n-slide.
We had a Blast enjoying our new playground, and we can't wait til' we get to visit Kay-Kay and Paw-Paw Kenny again.

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