Monday, January 28, 2008

Freezer Cooking

Jennifer, Kelly, me, Beth and Amy
These are the girls who minister to my soul by helping me feed my family delicious meals for a fraction of the time and cost. I've discovered that cooking is not my favorite things to do at this stage in our family's life. I like to think it is because we have two adorable kids that I would rather be playing with, but our tiny kitchen and tight budget probably add to my desire to simplify the dinner time process. So for whatever the reason, I am always looking for a way to cut down my time in the kitchen. Well, I found the perfect solution thanks to these fun friends. It's called Freezer Cooking.

A couple of times a year we get together to cook up a storm. We make over 100 delicious meals (that serve 4-6 people) in just under four hours time. And I am talking about gourmet meals, like chicken picata, spinach stuffed flank steak, and family style post roast. (Never mind all of the shopping, chopping and prep work that goes into it before our big night of cooking. ) We gather at a near by church for an evening of fun, where we combine tons of ingredients, turn up the heat and watch delicious meals magically appear.
Sweet Jennifer serving up her yummy chicken Florentine.
Beth and I measuring our little hearts out.
A freezer full of yummy dinners just waiting to be heated up and served! It's amazing how many meals you can fit in your freezer thanks to zip lock bags.

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